Link Dump 2020

September 2020


Half Farmer/Half X - very interesting concept which I’m leaning towards. I have been able to garden a few times before (I usually lived in apartments so there weren’t many opportunities) and it was an enjoyable experience. Although farming for actual sustenance may be more stressful than my mere gardening for fun…

July 2020


Mountain of Ink - nice detailed reviews of different fountain pen inks! I have fallen down the fountain pen-rabbit hole again…


Origami simulator - super cool visualization of some basic and complex origami folds


Voronoi Tessellations - I keep forgetting the name, so I’m leaving this here for safekeeping.

Inspirograph - play around with a virtual spirograph!

Cycloid Drawing Machine (video) - some advanced spirography. Looks like it’ll take forever to draw one though.

Broad nib calligraphy (video) - I have dabbled with calligraphy and I love to watch the professionals do it.

Isometric Drawing - a 30 degree angle is applied to the sides for the object to appear 3-D.

Printable Isometric Paper - to try it out!

IsoSketch Drawing Tool - makes it easier to draw isometrically without the need for gridlines.


Hot Pepper Hands (a.k.a. 🔥🙌) - I had never experienced this before until yesterday, after I unknowingly cut up a bag full of hot peppers, and I will just say that it is an extremely unpleasant sensation. I tried dish soap, vinegar, baking soda, oil, and rubbing alcohol, which, sad to say, did not work for me. When it was time to sleep, I had a major flare up of FIRE-LAVA-MOLTEN ROCK pain and eventually resorted to holding a bottle of cold water in my hands until I lost consciousness. (that worked!)


OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) - allows you to customize the layout of a presentation screen, which can be used in video meetings in place of the default layout of the software (example: video screen might be too small in a slideshow-view). Originally seen in this article.


Elizabeth I - I don’t remember why or how I discovered this site, but I read a majority of the articles last year and I thought it was a nice, light introduction to Queen Elizabeth I’s history


McGill Personal Finance Essentials Course - learn the basics of financial literacy (geared towards Canadians)

Pasta Grannies - if you like pasta and food videos, here is a Youtube channel documenting the art of handmade Italian pasta


Thoughtless by Paco Coursey - a cool concept that encourages you to write down what’s on your mind while gradually fading the words away. The text is still there, so you can copy the whole thing when you’re done.

UserInyerface → (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

June 2020


Johnny Decimal - a system to organize your files. Specifically, I want to borrow the 10 areas/10 categories idea and the numbering system.


Printable 3D letters - some assembly required, but it’s free if you’re looking for some DIY decor

Every Noise At Once - (not actually playing at all at once, thankfully) a nifty site that showcases TONS of different and sometimes very niche genres. You can click on a genre to hear a sample clip, and dive one level deeper to see more related artists, genres, and the ‘opposing’ genres.


Memex - it’s like Pocket, but apparently better. Still in the early stages though. Your bookmarks and history are indexed so that you can perform a full-text search.


An add-on to Pocket (an article bookmarker) called AcceleReader which shows you how many articles you have (I don’t know why that’s not a feature of Pocket itself), and presents you a random article to read.

  • Currently, I have 3000+ articles sitting in there and I plan to start going through them! The randomizer can be set to present you the shortest article, so I will start with those and work my way up.

Leave compliments for random people. My small collection of printable tear-off compliments: link

A year ago, I randomly decided to pick up this script called Vianaic, which looks cool and can be used as a secret code (if you can remember what the letters are…). My modification of the script: link


Typewriter simulator - haven’t you always wanted to type on a typewriter? They do sell modern typewriters these days, but this site lets you hear the sounds and experience the frustration of hitting the wrong key and getting keys stuck when you type too fast.

An introduction to LaTeX - I thought it was some confusing formatting thing for math people. I now think it’s slightly less confusing!

Plaintext productivity - what persuaded me to use MD files for my notes

todo.txt - a plain text to-do system - the only thing is, there is no easy way to set reoccurring habits with this system


Origami tray for desk - originally uses A4 paper, but you can use Letter size paper. I would subtract around 5 cm off the width to make a slimmer tray


A cool concept of displaying your life in story: Life in weeks

  • I am reminded of this site, where I first encountered the ‘life in weeks’ idea.

Other apps/sites that help you visualize or track your life: