Deep Work Initiative

I’m currently reading Cal Newport’s Deep Work and decided to apply some concepts to my life. Right now I have very little work-life balance or even differentiation between the two, sometimes working deep into the night to make up for large periods of non-productivity during the day. I’ve also noticed that I have been building up some tension in my body, so a system that encourages periods of both deep work and deep relaxation will help greatly.

Some concepts to implement:

  1. Set up alternating internet and non-internet periods.
    • set up an alarm before starting each period
    • start with 1 hour on/off and work your way up
  2. Check email every 2 hours.
    • set up a timer after every check
  3. A work-shutdown routine around 8-9pm.
    • review what is left to do, make plans for their completion or migrate them forward to the next day to review.
  4. Keep a scoreboard of deep work hours.
    • print a weekly tracker
  5. Limit my areas of focus.
    • write them down and pin them up so they’re visible
  6. Review progress once a week.
    • look at what’s been done and if any changes should be made